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Deadman's Cross 1.0.2

Deadman's Cross 1.0.2 Free Download

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Card zombies are the best zombies


Welcome to yet another zombie game in which the rise of the deadmen has destroyed the previous world order. Although the initial plot may seem very standard, Deadman's Cross takes what would be a survival FPS action game and turns it into a role playing card game. Developed by Square-Enix, this action zombie-themed card game is free to download and is available for iOS and Android platforms.

Deadman's Cross history places you, a regular guy that has been living the past three months holed up in his house, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, in this case called deadmen. As a man with a gun you will have to survive in this newly settled society in which the government is no longer working. In general terms, the game storyline consists of taking jobs to complete the objectives you have been set, obtaining new cards on your hunts, all whilst a global conspiracy is unveiled.

Deadman's Cross story places you, a regular guy that has been living the past three months holed up in his house, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse

The visual aspect of Deadman's Cross is something to bear in mind, with really great card designs. The game is considered to be an FPS when you are hunting down deadmen for increasing your card collection, and it's also a collectible trading battle card game whilst it simultaneously takes on the guise of a dungeon crawler, all with with different graphic features and designs.

Shoot and turn them into cards
Shoot and turn them into cards

Take control of the zombie horde

Hunting deadmen is central to the game since this is the way you will get new card creatures for your customizable deck. Taking down the deadmen that will appear during the available 60 seconds for hunting will get you a random card each time. This FPS mode is similar to other sniper titles available for mobile devices Cards can range from regular to rare and even legendary, which are the most powerful and unique.

With the in-app currency, the game offers you access to a premium elite hunt in which the cards you’ll get are unique. One aspect you have to keep in mind is that the hunts are completely random so it may happen that you’ll go for a hunt and find no deadmen at all. The cards you get can be upgraded through the feeding option in which you can offer weak cards to another creature for levelling it up and make it stronger. You can additionally boost the power of the card with the Deadman’s coins, the currency of this title.

For the hard-core multiplayer audience, Deadman's Cross features the Boneyard mode for head-to-head PVP card battles against other online players. If you don’t want to play in a competitive game mode, you can join a clan and collaborate with other members in completing large-scale missions in which you will be rewarded according to your performance.

Card fights are simple strength tests
Card fights are simple strength tests

Deadman's Cross 1.0.2 Features

Check out the main features you can find in Deadman's Cross:

  • Thrilling history about a mortal virus spread through the world turning 99.5% of the population into deadman creatures
  • Great design of the cards with unique monsters like a three-headed tyrannosaurus rex or undead historical characters like Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Hunt down all kinds of zombies in the FPS game mode in which you will get to trade battle cards
  • Upgrade the cards you get by feeding them weaker ones to get stat boosts
  • Online multiplayer game mode for competing against all kinds of players, from all over the world to put your trading cards deck to the test
  • Take on the jobs NPCs offers in the Last Drop and obtain more experience to level up

For more details about how to download this game, feel free to check the official developer website through the following link.

Explore different kinds of settings
Explore different kinds of settings

System Requirements

Check the minimum specifications for this mobile game before the download:

  • Operating System: Android 3.0, iOS 5.0 or later
  • Size: 46MB free space for Android and 63.8MB for iOS

free download